Business Introduction

We are an established formwork works subcontractor in Hong Kong with an operating history of over 20 years. We provide formwork works services to the main contractors who are typically construction companies operating in public and private sector construction works. Formwork is a temporary mould, which is used to support the poured concrete until it is able to maintain its shape. Before concrete is poured into the structure, reinforcement bars are often fixed inside the mould to give the mould sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the concrete. Depending on the type of reinforced concrete structure, the loads which the formwork will bear will be different. Under normal circumstances, when the concrete obtains the required strength after it is poured into the formwork, the formwork may then be removed. Our typical role in a construction project as a formwork works subcontractor is to construct the formwork and to remove it when the concrete structure is formed to maintain its shape.

For the construction of reinforced concrete slab or other overhead structures, falsework system is required to be erected to support the load of the formwork and reinforced concrete. Falsework system is a temporary structure which is essential in supporting the weight of horizontal formwork until the concrete gains sufficient strength and becomes self-supporting.

Our Directors believe that formwork works subcontractors who are able to perform both traditional and system formworks can cater for more construction projects and in turn increase business opportunities to generate revenue. Therefore, our Group plans to secure more projects which involve the adoption of system formwork in the future.

Traditional formwork can be adopted to different and complicated shapes easily and only requires for a relative low purchase cost for acquiring timber and plywood. However, in comparing the materials commonly applied in formwork works services, system formwork using aluminium presents several advantages above traditional formwork which applies timber and plywood owing to their reusable nature, strength and better concrete finish, making the formation of formwork easier and safer for the site workers. According to the Ipsos Report, the unit cost for aluminium is generally higher than that of timber and plywood, but can be reused by over 20 times in a construction project that is much more than the timber and plywood of no more than 10 times. Further, system formwork requires less skilled labour force for erecting and striking formwork. Based on the data from the Census and Statistics Department, in March 2020, the average daily wage of a system formwork worker was approximately HK$1,665, while the average daily wage of a traditional formwork worker was approximately HK$1,923. Due to the wages of construction workers growing rapidly over the past years and the construction industry often facing the problem of labour shortage, switching from traditional formwork to system formwork can aid formwork works subcontractors to reduce labour costs, resulting the use of such materials is more economical in the long run.